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From Accompaniment to Leadership Development and Power Building through Healing Practices: Read about HHRH's Work with Survivors

Support Group: Victim/survivors attend monthly at Dolores Mission Parish where they receive personal support from people who know first-hand what this loss feels like.

They feel accompanied, less alone, feel believed where the survivor better understands their crisis and trauma and believes they can move past their trauma. The support group is held once monthly. Participants are offered a safe place to share their feelings, a place where they feel heard and supported, feeling less alone and understand that they can move past their crises.

Individual accompaniment of survivor/victim: As survivors are referred, we journey with them throughout from the initial loss of a family member, though burial arrangements and services, judicial process, court hearings and outcomes, where survivors better understand the court proceedings, learn more about victim rights and victim compensation and other resources. The court hearings can be a difficult time for the victims/survivors. In their healing, survivors learn to advocate for themselves, stepping into their power and sharing it with others who are impacted.

The Journey: 10 -week support group training model that will be offered in July to those facilitators wanting support and training to better serve their support groups. 3. The Journey is a10 week support group training model that will be offered to those facilitators wanting support and training to better serve their support groups. Not only do they learn skills and how to facilitate but become part of a network of facilitators (leaders) and state and city victim advocates.

Days of Healing Events bring together survivors/victims to assist in their healing. This includes

Healing for the Holidays, a yearly event for families, especially children, to help them deal with the loss of a loved one to violence.

VOD (Victim Offender Dialogue). Our staff and volunteers are trained in conducting face to face bilingual (Spanish/English) dialogues between survivor and offender at the request of the survivor. Through the Office of Victim Services, survivors are made aware of this process and may request face to face meetings.  To learn more, please contact us by email.

Days of Healing

Retreat days focused on walking with the victims of violent crime on their healing journey from trauma they have experienced.

Wellness Workshops

HHRH staff trained through Capacitar International incorporate wellness techniques into groups and programs for victims and offenders to deal with trauma, grief, and stress.

*HHRH staff offers wellness sessions to hospitals and communities upon request.

Monthly Mass

Outreach to Families of Murder Victims through Monthly Mass & support group at Dolores Mission Church.