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Restorative Justice Program Success

Outreach to Families of Murder Victims

Monthly Mass and support group at Dolores Mission Church.

Days of Healing: Retreat days focuses on walking with the victim of violent crime on their healing journey from trauma they have experienced.

Healing for the Holidays Christmas gathering to accompany families with the loss of a loved one to violence.

Restorative Justice ad First Steps to Healing-County Jails

12 Week introductory program for incarcerated men who have little or no previous rehabilitation opportunities.

Participants learn communication skills, stress reduction techniques, and the impact of violence on victims, families, communities and self.

Victim Awareness Workshop-Prisons

3 day workshops where participants gain an awareness of the “ripple effect” of crime and its impact on vast numbers of people.

Participants listen to victim speak about how crime affected their lives and receive encouragement from the victims to take seriously their own journey of rehabilitation and healing so they can contribute positively to society.

Our Journey to Healing

This process helps incarcerated men and women to develop insight into the reasons for their criminal behavior, address issues of accountability for their actions, and understand the impact of their crime(s) on their victims, themselves , their families and community.

Victim Offender Education Group (VOEG)

HHRH staff members are trained facilitators through Insight Prison Project and facilitated VOEG groups in various prisons.

Victim Offender Dialogue (VOD)

HHRH staff members are trained facilitators in providing an opportunity for victims or surviving members of violent crime to initiate face-to-face meeting with the offender responsible for their victimization.

Wellness Technique Sessions

HHRH staff is trained through Capacitar International and incorporates wellness techniques into groups and programs for victims and offenders to deal with trauma, grief, and stress.

HHRH staff offer wellness sessions to hospitals and communities upon request.

Criminal Justice Professionals

Training criminal justice professionals in dealing with their own vicarious trauma and in more compassionate responses to families of murder victims.